Soccer Academies in Spain

Soccer Academies in Spain was area of football in Spain that I knew little about before I began my research for Spain-Football.Org. Obviously I was aware of the very comprehensive youth system at my local club Sant Andreu and the training and education programmes of the major clubs but the fact that top-flight British clubs and professionals were also setting up shop in Spain was complete news to me.

This page is quite short at the moment as most of the Soccer Academies are new projects. However, I'm sure it will grow into a complete section.

Here's an overview of the academies that have been set up so far.

Arsenal on the Costa del Sol

The first academy I came across is run by Arsenal in conjunction with CD Costa del Sol for the Málaga-Gibraltar region. It seems like a straightforward football academy for youngsters with the chance of getting picked for the Arsenal International Soccer Festival, which is held in London each year, and the International Iberian Trophy for Peace. For more information visit the Arsenal-Costa del Sol website.

Sheffield United on the Costa Blanca

Sheffield United's objective is to integrate into the local community so the academy's teams participate in the local youth leagues and they'll have a senior team competing next season. For more information visit the Sheffield United FC-Spain website.

The Glenn Hoddle Academy

Perhaps the most exciting new project, though, is the Glenn Hoddle Academy in the Montecastillo Resort near Jerez.

Ambitious as ever, Glenn is taking on young adult players who have already been through the youth system of one of the major clubs but have not quite made it. Such players already have a lot of experience and know-how, and Glenn's aim is to groom them for stardom.

At the moment the trainee superstars are mainly British but this inspiring project is attracting interest from other countries and in Glenn's words will be 'the first independent, professional football academy, offering an alternative to the professional club system'. For more information, visit the Glenn Hoddle Academy website.

Drills for Soccer Academies and Coaches

Although most of us only dream of participating in football at Glenn's level, if you train your local youth team or even if you only want to work on your skills with some mates, its good idea to base your training programme around some drills.

These 250 training drills are used by Leyton Orient at all levels from child to professional. Click here for training drills for soccer academies and coaches

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