Soccer Skills in Spain

The first-choice for amateur or professional players and coaches

If you want to improve your soccer skills, come to Spain!

Not only is Spain increasingly the first-choice destination for amateur and professional football players and coaches to practice or teach soccer skills but it´s also extremely popular for other sports as well.

One reason for Spain´s popularity is its fantastic all-year-round weather, but the rhythm of Spanish life is also a factor and everyone is aware that La Liga is one of the most technically accomplished leagues in the world. Furthermore, the Mediterranean diet is both healthy and tasty at the same time.

But perhaps the biggest factor is that Spain is a football nation and the Spanish are utterly and completely football crazy - this makes Spain a great place for anything to do with the Beautiful Game.

Soccer Academies and Soccer Camps

There are an increasing number of Soccer Academies run by British clubs - particularly, in the south of Spain and on the Costas. Glenn Hoddle´s Soccer Academy - set up to groom players who have already been through the youth system at a major club but haven´t quite made it - immediately comes to mind. However, both Arsenal and Sheffield United have academies in Spain, where youngsters can hone their skills in both year-round a summer programmes.

Furthermore, an increasing number of important Spanish clubs offer Soccer Camps in the summer. This is a great way of improving your soccer skills and possibly getting noticed by talent scouts. Similarly, a number of ex-players and coaches offer Soccer Camps. For example, both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid offers are normally for youngsters aged between eleven and seventeen.

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Futsal - Fútbol Sala

When I arrived in Spain 20 years ago, I remember feeling very frustrated that my Spanish friends never seemed to understand my game. I was a pretty straight English winger with a lot of running and unexceptional ball skills - once I was running with the ball under control, I was fine and generally able to get my cross in. However, I was was much less comfortable in tight midfield situations typical of Spanish football - quick one-twos and dribbling through a wall of defenders from a dead start was definitely beyond me.

One of the reasons why so many Spanish players have such well-developed soccer skills is due to the popularity of Futsal in Spain. The game is known as Fútbol Sala in Spanish and Spain currently compete with Brazil for the title of best national side in the world. The game's very similar to Indoor Football but with some important differences that definitely improve close ball control and one-touch passing.

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Soccer Tournaments

As there are so many soccer tournaments that take place in Spain at both amateur and professional level, I will be creating a page that discusses the major tournaments and also plan to add a service that allows tournament directors to submit their site to Spain-Football.Org.

More information on Soccer Tournaments in Spain coming soon.

You could also check out my good friend Michael Jones' site for a great list of all the Soccer Tournaments worldwide - if you're a tournament organiser you can even submit your details yourself so it's well-worth checking out

Soccer Skills - Online Resources

As I do more and more research on the Internet on football-related topics I come across an ever increasing number of resources. Here are a few of the best ones I´ve found so far but with time this could turn into a complete section on different aspects of the art of playing and coaching.

Total Soccer Fitness is a free fitness course that comes in five email instalments and is ideal for players, parents and coaches alike.

Soccer Tutor is a set of 250 Soccer Drills endorsed by Adidas, Umbro and Leyton Orient amongst others. If you coach a youth team and want to work on their soccer skills, this selection will keep you in ideas for season after season as your players advance from beginner to professional. It´s particularly useful if you plan on taking your your FA or UEFA coaching licence and even if you're only interested watch the demo video – the guy that does the voiceover is so obviously a football professional. Game of two halves, innit?

The Fastbreak Soccer Practice Book Although not quite as intuitive as Soccer Tutor also contains Soccer Drills, this ebook is worth having a look at if only for the free Training Schedules available in PDF format.

Elite Soccer Coach is a very handy guide for football coaches and comes with two more ebooks on Fitness and Formations.

Blast The Ball is a very handy teaching video that analyses how to kick a ball – covers everything from techniques, aerodynamics, parts of the ball etc. The promo video on the HomePage certainly convinced me.

Random Soccer Skills Video From YouTube

These customised videos are something I'm working on. At the moment, the quality is somewhat dubious but rest assured the quality will improve with time.

Meanwhile, the Google adverts are filtered for relevance and you should be able to CLICK ON RESOURCES that aren't on my radar yet.

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