La liga football and other Top clubs history

La Liga is Europe’s premier soccer league and comprises some of the biggest teams in the continent. Which is the richest club? Which team has won the most titles? And where did they play their first match?

la liga
la liga football

Spanish Real Madrid fc

Real Madrid C.F. was established in 1902. It started as Athletic Club de Bilbao but changed its name to Real Madrid CF in 1920. They are also from Spain. Like Man U, they play in La Liga. This year they will be competing in the Champions League.

Spanish league second best Stadium

Their stadium is Santiago Bernabeu – named after its founder, San Isidro Labrador. It opened on November 23rd, 1924, and has 55,500 seats. Their rivalry is with Barcelona.

Spanish Barcelona FC

Barcelona C.F., also from Spain, is one of the founding members of La Liga. Like Man U and Real, they too play in La Liga. Their rivalries are with Atletico de Madrid or Valencia. They too have played in the Champions League this season. They are the current champions of Spain and the European Cup Winners of 2016/2017. Barca is the most popular football club in all of Spain.

Manchester United

Manchester United have been around since 1863, when they were founded as Newton Heath LYRIC (the name was changed to Man U because of copyright reasons). The club is one of the world’s wealthiest clubs. In fact, according to Forbes, they are the richest football club in the world, with a net worth of $2 billion. Their stadium is Old Trafford which opened in 1910 and holds about 76,000 people. The main rivals of Man Utd are Liverpool FC. Both these teams compete in England’s Premier League.


Bayern Munich FC

Bayern Munich was formed in 1919. Until then, all professional footballers played either for universities or industrial teams. Then two entrepreneurs decided to form a football club. At that time, German football split into East and West. So, this is how it happened: The founders went to Paris to get help from the French Football Federation. While there, they met up with Ludwig Beck who gave them advice. Eventually, he helped them form Bayer 05. Today, they are an important part of the Bundesliga. They play at Allianz Arena. It opened in 2000 and has 75,000 seats. Their main rival is Borussia Dortmund.

A.C Milan FC

A.C Milan was created in 1899 by seven players. For some reason, they couldn’t find a place to play so they rented an empty public bathhouse. Then, they got caught playing matches in the street. Because of this, they were banned from football. That is why we don’t know who their first manager was. However, they found refuge at Brescia Calcio. Finally, in 1901, they moved to Milan where they stayed until today. They are Italian and play in Serie A. Their home stadium is Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. In 1925, 45,000 seats are built. They play against Inter Milan every year.

Chelsea FC

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905. Before becoming a professional football club, Chelsea London SC used to play rugby. Now, they only play football. They are based in Fulham and play in the English Premier League. They have been playing at Stamford Bridge since 1913. After moving back to west London, they bought the land where they currently train. Its capacity is 60,000. One of their best seasons was back in 1955/56. During that season, they finished third in the EPL.

Juventus FC

Juventus F.C. was founded in 1897. The original owners wanted to call their team New Turin Cricket and Rugby Club. But, they ran into legal issues with other teams. The name became Juve, which means ‘little jaguars’ in Italian. They are based in Turin, Italy, and play in Serie A. Their colors are yellow and black. Their home stadium is Juventus Stadium. It opened in 2010 and has 80,000 seats. They do not share any kind of rivalry with any other team.


PSG. was founded in 1970 when Olympique de Marseille left to create its own sports society. Their original name was Sports et Techniques d’Olympisme de la Seine-Maritime (STOM). In 1975, they signed a contract with Georges Pompidou. In 1986, they officially adopted the name Paris Saint-German. Since 2008, they compete in Ligue 1. Their home ground is Parc des Princes. It replaced the old stadium, Stade Vélodrome. Parc des Prince’s capacity is 61,068. They play against Lyon almost every year.


This article shows you which team is the richest, who holds the record for winning the most titles, history and where each team played its first match.